Denton Tree Initiative

The Denton Tree Initiative is a campaign from keep denton beautiful and the city of denton to plant 12,000 new trees on public and private land in denton. this community-wide effort is comprised of 6 major programs that offer free trees, forestry education, and rebate incentives to denton residents, businesses, neighborhoods, and schools. check out why this initiative is so important to our city, and find out how you can get involved!


Canopy Cover in Denton

 According to American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, the recommended average tree cover for areas east of the Mississippi River is 25-30%.

Denton's 2016 "State of the Urban Forest" study revealed that our city is right on target to meet this standard, with an average of 30% tree canopy cover. However, the study – which used state-of-the-art methods to learn about the structure and benefits of Denton's urban forest – also revealed that 46% of Denton's canopy cover is located on undeveloped land, putting our urban forest at risk as the city grows.

To keep Denton's tree population healthy and thriving, it's imperative that we start planting the next generation of trees NOW to preserve our city's character and quality of life for future residents.

How many trees has Denton planted since the Tree Initiative started in 2015? Check out our interactive map, and learn more about our efforts to track each tree planted through the Denton Tree Initiative!

Looking for data on Denton’s trees? Check out the City of Denton’s Open Data Portal to view the complete State of the Denton Urban Forest Report (2016), or download datasets from the study to run your own analyses.